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Bakersfield: 4th Thursday of the month
Farmersville: 1st Thursday of the month
Fresno: 1st Thursday of the month
Hanford: 2nd Thursday of the month
Madera: 3rd Tuesday of the month
Oakhurst: 3rd Tuesday of the month
Porterville: 2nd Monday of the month
Reedley: 3rd Tuesday of the month
Tulare: 3rd Thursday of the month
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  • Friday, December 09, 2016 at 05:30 PM

    Bill of Rights Celebration & Fundraiser

    Dr. Bryan Tellalian, Founder & Chairman of Reedley College Constitution Week, has organized a Bill Rights Celebration as a fundraiser for the Constitution Week. There will be an auction including a one-year membership at The Range Pistol & Gun Club and a gift basket from Kuppa Joy Coffee House. Professor Bruce Thornton will be delivering the keynote address. Anyone who heard his speech at the Sunbirds Conservatives Conference a few years ago knows this speech will be worth attending.

    To purchase tickets, do the following. Go to http://www.scccd.edu/index.aspx?page=673. Click “$25” for the donation amount, select “Other” under Designation,  type “RC Constitution Week” in the field that appears, and complete the rest of the online form.


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