About Central Valley Tea Party


■Fiscal Responsibility
■Constitutionally Limited Government
■Free Markets


The Central Valley Tea Party is a group of individuals united by our shared core values. As an organization that believes in Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Markets, we recognize the strength of grassroots organizing powered by activism and civic responsibility at a local level. The Tea Party mission is to organize like-minded individuals, educate and inform others based on our core values, to secure public policy consistent with those values, and to positively affect the outcome of elections.



The Tea Party core values are the values that America was founded on and they have roots in our shared heritage and belief in natural law. They derive from a belief in free will and the primacy of an individual who is responsible for his/her own actions.

■An individual who is personally responsible will be fiscally responsible.
■An individual who is personally responsible will make better decisions than a distant federal government
■An individual who is personally responsible will productively respond to and interact with markets


The impetus for the Tea Party movement has been excessive government spending. The choice of these core values recognizes what binds us together as a group, but it is also strategic in that these values have the ability to unite a supermajority of American voters. It specifically avoids addressing social issues which can be used to divide us and dilute our message.

It isn’t that social issues aren’t important; it’s that our core values help to inform our stance on the rest. We believe in limited government, so we believe that those issues are best decided at the state and local levels. Our stance on Government is rooted in the principles of Federalism enshrined in our Constitution. Since our organization is grassroots and built from the bottom up, we can unite on our shared values and address the rest at the local level if we choose to do so.

If our events, correspondence, websites, and interviews consistently speak the same message "fiscal responsibility, limited government, free markets" then we will be united on the national and international front. A united front is a strong front and it is critical for succeeding in our mission of securing public policy consistent with core values, and to positively affect the outcome of elections.



The Central Valley Tea Party is a grassroots organization consisting of volunteers in California's Central Valley.  The Central Valley Tea Party DOES NOT receive funding or support from any statewide or national organization.

We are not affiliated with the TeaPartyDay.com website or the American Family Association.

The Central Valley Tea Party is working with volunteers in communities from Mariposa to Porterville to identify potential political candidates that share our core values. Please understand that the Central Valley Tea Party is a party neutral organization, we recognize that actions by Republicans, Democrats and Independents have gotten us into the current economic mess we find ourselves.

Please contact us at info@centralvalleyteaparty.com




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