California High Speed Rail Authority Board Meeting - Thurs, April 4th, 10am

Good Evening Fellow Patriots,
It seems we have come to a major crossroads in the fight against the UN Agenda 21, California style, High Speed Rail. Our amazing Governor Brown and his band of liberal wing nuts are sueing the citizens of California. Yes...sueing the citizens of California. That is you, your families, your friends and neighbors, all tax paying citizens of California. 
This is an actual lawsuit filed by Kamala Harris, State Attorney General on behalf of Jerry Brown. He is sueing us to have the right to utilize the illegally funded bond money to get his legacy project underway. If you, we, do not sign on, then we forfeit our right to further litigation against this project. The time is now! 
This project is starting to erode and Governor Brown knows it. This is a well thought out strategy to bully, 'We the People' into a compromising position of losing our ability to fight against this financial tyranny. If you are not on your deathbed, you must act. You will have an opportunity to make public comment at the start of the meeting.  You will more than likely be limited to 90 seconds.
Below is the link to the Prop-1A lawsuit filed by CCHSRA, our Kings County comrades in arms.
Open the Brief Part 1: Writ of Mandate. Look at the 9-Bulleted issues on Pages-6 & 7.
Please formulate your comment(s) from the 9 bulleted issues. Criticize the project's lack of compliance with any one of the nine issues. Speak from your heart, be passionate, be bold, be a Tea Party Patriot. It is ok to use words like "theft" and "violation of the law" or "crime".  Visualize yourself speaking directly to the Governor.
Do not ask questions, tell them that they (CHSRA) and the Governor are not complying with Prop-1A and must stop the project until such time that they can comply with the law.  Tell them to not sell the Bonds until the matter is settled.
"If you don't stand for Liberty, you will fall to tyranny."
April 04, 2013 at 10am - 1pm
Fresno City Hall
2600 Fresno St
City Council Chambers, 2nd Floor
Fresno, CA 93721
United States
Google map and directions
JD Bennett · (559) 280-3173

Will you come?