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    Hi all.
    I’ll keep it short…I think.

    I don’t know which of you already know this person or not, but i wanted to invite you all to take advantage of a cool opportunity. Michael Badnarik has an amazing video on youtube (link attached below) and i encourage all of you to check it out. He runs a day long class covering a line-by-line review of the constitution and gives incredible insight on rights/privileges as well as a deep look into the inner workings of a democracy, republic, socialism, etc. Very riveting.

    I am aware that the video is long and takes quite a commitment, but you can watch it in pieces, he is absolutely astounding!

    He is willing to come to the central valley to give a course on this but needs a commitment from 25 people before he can book the time in his calendar. i’m hoping to round up 25 participants because i’d love to see him speak live. The class is $150 but totally worth it. He is spectacular. I would like to bring him in during the summer (proposed dates are 7/13 or 7/20). And he usually gives these courses on Saturdays. He mentioned that if 25 participants sign up and pre-pay, he’ll book his flight…and if the event is cancelled, all money will be returned to everyone. i really hope you will all jump on this opportunity with me. please send this to everyone that you think will be interested and have them contact me if they are willing to join. if we can get everyone to reel in 2 people each, we’d be in good shape. RIGHT NOW, WE ARE ONLY 4 PEOPLE SHORT OF THE MINUMUM!!

    you’ve been included in this email because i thought you might want to join us, either because you strike me as someone who is intrigued by these topics or because someone recommended i contact you.

    again, i need to secure 25 interested members to get Mr. B out here and need your help. i also need to know sooner than later because i’d like to reserve a prime date this summer. so let me know. i’ll be calling many of you soon with words of encouragement.
    thanks much.

    If you would like more info, feel free to contact me at or 209-761-5925.
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    Well, the worse has come….a blogger just left the blogspot I was on. This blogger left, because he/she was arrest for posting that they will not accept obamacare!! Now, I must do something!! But I need your help!! So, will you help me??
  • commented 2012-06-14 11:13:05 -0700
    Brad, trying to e-mail Declaration of Independence for your "? Fabrication? of a "Read the Declaration for the 4th of July event at the local level. Will drop off hard copy at the Tea Party Office today 6/14/12
    Unable to locate a link for the transmission of the document???? Was up wid Dat? Best, JW………………some sort of new electronic problem?
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