Fresno Chapter
Tea Party Regional Office


Weekly Meetings
Tuesday at Tea Party Office
5070 N. Sixth Street, Suite 169, Fresno
6:00 PM
Map 1
Map 2 (Red arrow points to Suite 169)

Action Night
First Thursday of each month
6:00-8:30 pm
Redeemer Lutheran Church
1084 W. Bullard Avenue, Fresno

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commented 2014-03-07 16:13:22 -0800 · Flag
Hey Anonymous, wake up! Big Brother has been watching for a long time and already took over—many years ago. :(
commented 2014-03-07 16:07:05 -0800 · Flag
Downtown Fresno

Hello CV Tea Party, first, I want to commend your efforts, the efforts of TP activists nationwide and anyone else not connected with any formal political movement, i.e., just common citizens such as myself that sees beyond what Ted Cruz called Barack Obama—which was “dangerous and terrifying!”

My name is Daryl Ockert and I live in downtown Fresno. Personally, my funds are extremely limited and I see most, it not all, your activities for liberty are in the northern part of town; at least just north of Shaw Avenue and some clear up to Nees Avenue.

I’ve been tracking the New World Order now for months. I follow many different online publications and radio shows, especially Alex Jones and I read and listen to video clips daily on the current affairs of the nation and the world; especially aware that the Ukraine now has a central banking about ready to suck the country dry for the EU.

I really have a strong desire to get beside you guys and fight for our God-given rights and freedoms but as I mentioned, or will now—transportation and funds are a problem for me. No—I’m not soliciting anyone for any money just to let you know up front.

I just feel rather powerless in my present situation and would like some help to in turn help our common cause.

I would actually like to meet some of you in person and discuss some related issues I think of as a final safety net, should the unfortunate event occur that the New World Order actually wins the war on humanity—GOD FORBID!!!

I’d like to discuss survival training guides, people quickly transitioning to Bitcoin to get away from the dollar, which is due to collapse in the next 5 months or less and China’s gold hoarding binge it’s on and all the ramifications that come with it. In fact, China intends to deal a blow to the United States economy with this on April 24, 2014, just 48 days from now as of this writing!

What’s more, China is also seeking to make its own curreny, the yuan, the standard world reserve currency!

Here’s the video from Stansberry Research on that very topic. Stansberry is also the one who claimed US financial collapse on July 1, 2014:

Please, please, someone get in touch with me. I feel I can do much more to further the common cause of liberty with a little help.

Another news flash: FEMA has had their blue mailbox sticker delivered to me some time in the last few days; this freaked me out, naturally. But that is another thing I would like to discuss with you fellow patriots.

Thank you for reading; please get in touch with me at my personal cell phone 559-498-9656 to see what we might be able to arrange.

Thanks again for your part in the fight to restore America to what our founding fathers intended for us.

Fellow Patriot,

Daryl J. Ockert
Fresno, CA 93721
commented 2013-09-16 11:04:02 -0700 · Flag
If you guys want to be more effective, you should drop the polarizing postures and go for stuff nearly everyone can get behind — federal government overreach. We need to starve the beast before Big Brother becomes a reality. That’s something both the left and right could get behind. But they’d have to leave their environmentalism religions at the door, and you’d have to give up your ideas of total firearm deregulation. Or you folks can keep squabbling and Big Corporate, Big Government, Big Brother will take over.
commented 2013-05-28 13:16:55 -0700 · Flag
Please change the background colors on your website so I can read the labels easily. I tried to donate a little money, but I found the process confusing and annoying. I have donated before and found it easy to do at that time. Thanks.
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commented 2013-05-09 20:14:29 -0700 · Flag
My church, Northside Christian Church in Clovis is having their 12th Annual car show in June 1st. Vending spots are open for $50 if you folks would like to put up a booth. All proceeds from this car show will send low income/under privileged kids to church camp to hear the gospel. Email me at if your interested for contact numbers.
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