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    Fun Celebration of Liberty Tickets

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  • commented on Kings County (Hanford) 2014-08-20 11:36:01 -0700
    Hanford has a sales tax increase of 1Cent on the ballot this November. I am against it because it is for public safety which would make it a 66 2/3 vote requirement to pass. They decided to make it a general sales tax so it would only need to pass by 50 +1 percent. That is criminal. A group in Hanford called Hanford Now is fighting this iniative. This wording that is going on the ballot specified that other services can be used with this money. The city council voted 4-1 for the initative as written. That means that any council present or down the line can use this money at will. You can go to facebook "Hanfords public safety to follow the posts.