TEA Party Primary

Wanted you-all to see this & consider getting behind it & helping elect officials who We The People want elected NOT the Republican nor the Democrat National Parties - - - but true Patriots who believe in the Constitution - the Decaleration of Independence & every thing the United States of America stands for -

Thank you for your time


Would like to hear opinion from all of you about having a Tea Party Primary prior to the regular RINO primary?


1. BY HAVING A Tea Party Primary early we accomplish two needed goals: (a) We have in place someone who could start campaigning against Hillary or whoever.  Hillary is campaigning now, she's getting organized now.  That's a huge benefit. (b) by having a Tea Party Primary we get our selection down to one person.  This has the added benefit of not splitting the vote during the regular late scheduled RINO primary.

I see it as a win - win.  We select our person early, this person can get on the road now and we don't split our vote during the RINO primary.  If you like this -- this post then needs some support.

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