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Reedley & Sanger Chapters have joined forces

559-412-5956, Ext. 117 , or


April 2014 Meeting will be on the 22nd of the Month.(avoiding Easter Week and allowing people to support the Sacramento Rally).

May 2014 Meeting will be on the 20th day of the Month, back to the Third Tuesday of each Month.

Then June 17, July 15, August 19, September 16, October 21, November 18, No Meeting in December.

6:30pm 8:30pm

School House Restaurant and Tavern , Restaurant is closed on tuesdays, so enter via south-west Gate, Thanks.

1018 So. Frankwood Ave., Sanger at corner of Kings Canyon Highway and Frankwood Ave.


Connie and Kelly Brooks

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commented 2012-07-04 14:24:04 -0700 · Flag
Kelly and Connie. Yah-hoo, which is a good old America sound of approval. Sorry to have missed so many meetings. Had to be out making money, the old fashioned way of facing life. Trips to Portland, etc. Hope to see you in Reedley the 4th. My 5th great grandfather, John Hart, of New Jersey signed the Declaration of Independence on this day 1776. Also four other relatives signed. Not too bad. Been here a long time.
God Bless America
Leland Garton
Homestead Filmed Entertainment, LLC
Reedley,Ca., Paramount Studios and Atlanta, GA.
commented 2012-05-15 12:18:37 -0700 · Flag
The meeting on 5/10/12 was very informative. We definaely have a lot of work to do. We seem to be making progress on stopping HSR except for Fresno County. Thanks Kelly and Connie and all those that have gone to the Stop HSR rallies. Bless you.
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