San Joaquin River Masterplan Comments Deadline

The comment period for the “beginning of the EIR process” or “scoping process” related to the San Joaquin River Parkway Master Plan Update ends next Wednesday, July 17th


This SJR Parkway Master Plan Update will provide the vision, rules, goals and policies for SJR development for the next 20 years (plus or minus). This Plan Update will be coordinated with the 2035 Fresno City Master Plan Update that was worked on with the City Manager and the City Council in February, 2013. 


Below is a Link to sample topics that you may wish to provide additional comments on or embellish for the EIR scoping process.  Remember this EIR is a Program Level EIR for the entire Friant to Hwy 99 segment and we will have a chance to comment of the Draft EIR report in December/January 2014 when it is due to be completed.


Send your email comments to Melinda Marks at the

San Joaquin River Conservancy by July 17:



Multi-Use Trail should follow close to the river

Have a good Operations and Maintenance Plan

Handicap access to the trails that are “near and along the river”

Provide a Multi-Use Trail for cycling, walking, running, fishing access

Remove invasive species and improve habitat

Eliminate motorized vehicle traffic and parking in riverbed

Impact on adjacent neighborhoods

Fire safety, public safety and facilities usage regulations

More boating access – kayaks and canoes

More fishing access

Litter and maintenance issues

Using the old Hwy 41 bridge as a primary trail crossing point

Value of the San Joaquin River Bluff and Protection Ordinance

Please also go to for information about government limiting use of public land.

July 17, 2013 at 5pm - 5pm
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