Steve Frank Biography

He is a long time political activist and human rights activist (Freedom is a human right), and a foodie—devotee to The Food Network.

  • Born in 1946 in The Bronx, New York
  • Graduated from Los Angeles HS and LA City College
  • Served in Viet Nam, First Infantry Division
  • Received his B.S. from the University of Redlands
  • Married for 42 years to my wife Leslie, an educator.
  • He and his wife have two daughters, Emily 35, a graduate from UC Davis Law School and Amy 35, received her MBA from Pepperdine; and three granddaughters.
  • Publisher of California Political News and Views
  • Guest 6-9 times per week on talk radio
  • Political background

Political activism experience:

  • Past California Republican Party Parliamentarian (four terms)
  • Past President, California Republican Assembly
  • Past First Assistant Secretary, California Republican Party
  • Founder, National Federation of Republican Assemblies
  • Member, 1971 White House Conference on Youth
  • Member, Youth Advisory Committee on Selective Service (1969-1971)
  • He has worked with numerous D.C. based organizations including Americans for Tax Reform, NRA, pro-life groups, and many of the supporting groups of CPAC.


  • Active in numerous campaigns and causes over 50 years
  • Nixon in 1960
  • Nixon for Governor Speaker Bureau in 1962
  • Goldwater for President 1964
  • Reagan for Governor 1966
  • State chairman Youth for Nixon, September 1968 to November 1968
  • Reagan for President 1976, 1980
  • 1980 member of California Electoral College
  • 2001-2 Deputy Political Director, Simon for Governor (CA)
  • 2004 California Delegate to Republican National Convention
  • 2004 Senior Adviser, Jones for US Senate (CA)
  • 2005 Advisor to California Republican Party for Special Election
  • 2007-8 California Coalitions Director, Giuliani for President

Political Actions—Current

  • Advise campaigns and causes on “Netroots”, the use of the Internet for building the base, moving the message, broadening the reach of phone banks and voter contact, etc.  Promotion of ground support efforts.  
  • Development of volunteer organizations in support of candidates and causes, including creating coalitions
  • Working with People of Faith in support of candidates and causes
  • Advise candidates on local political issues, leadership and potential support

Community and charity

  • Past President, Girl Scout Councils of California (4 years)
  • Member of Board (past) Los Angeles Girl Scout Council (5 years)
  • Past President of Board, Travelers Aid Society of Los Angeles (4 years)
  • Past member of Board, American Heart Society of Simi Valley/Moorpark (2 years)
  • President Simi Valley Neighborhood Council (2 years)
  • Volunteer speech and debate coach, Royal High School, Simi Valley (3 years)

Developer of POW/MIA bracelet with Bob Dornan—worked 7 years full time on behalf of prisoners and those missing in action.  Including organizing of offices in over 100 US cities, creating collateral material, doing radio and TV appearances nation wide and negotiating with the North Viet Namese, Viet Cong, Khmer Rouge Pathet Lao in Europe and Asia on behalf of the families of the POWs and MIAs.