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Protest against USA destroying amnesty bill August 14th.

Protest against amnesty in front of Republican whip McCarthy's office, Wednesday August 14 Bakersfield.

Local Town Hall Meetings

I attended a town hall meeting in Dunlap Ca last Monday morning. Jim Patterson (District 23) held a informative session. He promised to follow up on our local concerns. Perhaps this web site might include scheduled meetings and the follow info.

Thanks Donna

Perhaps you are already aware and supporting Kirk MacKenzie and Defend Rural America.  He is working on an issue that I want to be sure the CV Tea Party is aware of.  Here's the background (and the Defend Rural America website).  I would like to invite the CV Tea Party to attend and get involved in this important local issue.

We would also like Kevin McCarthy to attend the upcoming event. 

Could you ask your members to contact their representative McCarthy and urge him to attend the Aug 6th hearing?

Thanks for all your hard work in reclaiming our great nation!

Karen Reed

Paso Robles, CA


TEA Party Primary

Wanted you-all to see this & consider getting behind it & helping elect officials who We The People want elected NOT the Republican nor the Democrat National Parties - - - but true Patriots who believe in the Constitution - the Decaleration of Independence & every thing the United States of America stands for -

Thank you for your time


Would like to hear opinion from all of you about having a Tea Party Primary prior to the regular RINO primary?


1. BY HAVING A Tea Party Primary early we accomplish two needed goals: (a) We have in place someone who could start campaigning against Hillary or whoever.  Hillary is campaigning now, she's getting organized now.  That's a huge benefit. (b) by having a Tea Party Primary we get our selection down to one person.  This has the added benefit of not splitting the vote during the regular late scheduled RINO primary.

I see it as a win - win.  We select our person early, this person can get on the road now and we don't split our vote during the RINO primary.  If you like this -- this post then needs some support.

New State

I would like to see the tea party of fresno/clovis host a convention from a select groups pf counties. representatives from those county board of supervisors to meet to discuss forming a NEW separate state. Riverside County Board of supervior member has sujest 13 counties to form Southern California state. I think a convention and a resolution on those county ballots would weaken the state legislature.

how about a link to purchace t shirts, etc?

and the answers.

Have an email posting group to educate public.

Tech alliance for conservative NB sites in CA

Brad, I'm wondering if we should all be discussing a tech alliance for conservative sites using NationBuilder (NB) in CA?   I know that a couple of large entities are going to be migrating to NB - if we develop and promote a joint 'tech support staff' combined on all these sites, then consultants won't have to charge their principals for tech support and tech support quality for everyone would increase and be easier!  What do you think of a joint support team for NB sites in CA? 


New Web page for the Tea Party

Brad did you give up or just quit in disgust? Please change the cover page here and allow the readership to move on. Best, JW.

New cover page for the website

How about a new cover page displaying the 24 states left in America or an American flag with the stars blacked out that no longer vote as; all of the blue states.  

Protest all Main Stream media facilities.

I believe that after the horrible results of this election, the Tea Party must fight/protest and organize against the main stream media MSM [ABC,CBS,NBC].

As long as the far-left has nearly a strangle hold on the MSM, the conservative/constitutional agenda will not be properly disseminated to the masses of Americans.

In my opinion, American's today are extremely swayed by visual advertising ie TV. The negative ads of the Democrat party has proven that.

Mr. Romney ran a respectable and hard campaign, yet had immense negative pressures continuesly forced upon him by extremely biased MSM personnel along with the usual democrat party shills.

Since conservatives views are not presented objectively on TV, we must massively protest at all their nationwide facilities (offices), demanding fair representation.

The internet has already been saturated with all the variable politics, yet local TV stations still remain perhaps the basic news outlet for the common man/woman. Not everyone can afford cable news.

We must get our word out, we must demand a FREE press!

The most important resource on your site is at the moment unreadable.

VoterGuide 2012 - when downloading pdf get error msg:

"Cannot extract the embedded font UFX...."

Will try Foxit, but truly ACCESSABILITY to this information would be a priority, one would think. Would appreciate suggestions. You have my email. Thanks


For those of us who sustain our families on fleeced retirement incomes (lower income bracket) and are paid on the first of every month, having an extremely tight budget, it is critical to know more than a week before a fundraiser. 

AARP gets $1.8 billion from Gap Care policies from Obamacare

Where is  the discusssion on this group who in fact does not represent SENIORS about to be buried by Obama care. Death panels and "just take a pill as we can't afford to keep you alive. Funding for doctor education cut by Harry Reid and the 'babeilicious' Nancy Pelosi.



Tea Party event in Fresno or Clovis

Hi, we need to have a large Tea Party event before the election!  We need to bring in more members and raise awareness.  We did the first one so quickly, it is do able!  We must beat Obama and the liberals in Sacramento!


 This is not the time to be passive in what maybe the most crittical election in our history. There is no ambiguity about what is at stake with Liberty on the line. For CVTP not to endorse but to actively work to stop Obama and Feinstine, by supporting Romney, Emkem and others is unconscionable.

  If we wish to preserve the constitution, liberty and return finacial responciablity we need to put boots on the ground supporting canidates and getting out the vote.  Does CVTP have a plan to win if so getting out the conservative and independent vote should be part of it.

You need to get permission to reprint this in the TPT now!!! unreal!!!

69 million in California welfare money drawn out of state

Las Vegas tops the list with $11.8 million spent at casinos or taken from ATMs, but transactions in Hawaii, Miami, Guam and elsewhere also raise questions. Officials say budget cuts hinder investigations.

October 04, 2010|By Jack Dolan, Los Angeles Times





Reporting from Sacramento — More than $69 million in California welfare money, meant to help the needy pay their rent and clothe their children, has been spent or withdrawn outside the state in recent years, including millions in Las Vegas, hundreds of thousands in Hawaii and thousands on cruise ships sailing from Miami.

State-issued aid cards have been used at hotels, shops, restaurants, ATMs and other places in 49 other states, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam, according to data obtained by The Times from the California Department of Social Services. Las Vegas drew $11.8 million of the cash benefits, far more than any other destination. The money was accessed from January 2007 through May 2010.


Welfare recipients must prove they can't afford life's necessities without government aid: A single parent with two children generally must earn less than $14,436 a year to qualify for the cash assistance and becomes ineligible once his or her income exceeds about $20,000, said Lizelda Lopez, spokeswoman for the Department of Social Services.

Round-trip flights from Los Angeles to Honolulu on Sunday started at $419 — more than 80% of the average monthly cash benefit for a single parent of two on CalWorks, the state's main aid program.

"How they can go somewhere like Hawaii and be legit on aid … they can't," said Robert Hollenbeck, a fraud investigator for the Fresno County district attorney's office. "This is money for basic subsistence needs."

The $387,908 accessed in Hawaii includes transactions at more than a thousand big-box stores, grocery stores, convenience shops and ATMs on all the major islands. At least $234,000 was accessed on Oahu, $70,626 on Maui, $39,883 on Hawaii and $22,170 on Kauai.

The list includes $12,433 spent at the upscale Ala Moana shopping center, $3,030 spent at a group of gift shops next to Jimmy Buffett's Beachcomber restaurant on Waikiki Beach and $2,146 withdrawn from ATMs on the island of Lanai, home to a pair of Four Seasons resorts and little else.

"If it's on Lanai, that should trigger an investigation," said Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn. "California taxpayers, who are struggling to keep their own jobs, are subsidizing other people's vacations. That's absurd."

Of the nearly $12 million accessed in Las Vegas, more than $1 million was spent or withdrawn at shops and casino hotels on, or within a few blocks of, the 4.5-mile strip. The list includes $8,968 at the Tropicana, $7,995 at the Venetian and its Grand Canal Shoppes, and $1,332 at Tix 4 Tonight, seller of discount admission for such acts as Cirque du Soleil.

Although many Las Vegas casinos block the use of welfare cards in ATMs on gambling floors, more than $34,700 has been spent or withdrawn from the ATM at a 7-Eleven in the shadow of Steve Wynn's new Encore casino and a couple of blocks south of Circus Circus.

The store's owner, Rupee Chima, knows the California welfare cards well. He said the people using them don't look like high rollers. "They're not coming in with Rolexes," he said.

And it's possible, he noted, to pack a bunch of people in a car, drive four hours from Los Angeles and share a room at a down-market casino hotel for a relatively frugal vacation.



Californian Omar Mikhail, dining at Encore, said his parents paid their rent with welfare aid when they immigrated to the Bay Area from Afghanistan in the early 1980s. They would never have dreamed of driving to Las Vegas with their monthly check, he said.

"When I hear something like that, it's so disheartening," he said.

The data show addresses of stores and ATM locations where the cards have been used and the amounts of the transactions by year. They do not reveal the identities of the welfare recipients or show how many users visited a given retailer.

Of the $1.5 million accessed in Florida, $13,109 was spent or withdrawn in South Beach, most of that at bars and restaurants along trendy Lincoln Road. More than $7,000 was withdrawn from ATMs a few hours north, at Walt Disney World.

The data also show $16,010 withdrawn from 14 cruise ships sailing from ports around the world — Long Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing. Eight sail primarily from Miami.

The out-of-state spending accounts for less than 1% of the $10.8 billion spent by welfare recipients during the period covered, and advocates note that there are legitimate reasons to spend aid money outside of California. From the data provided, it cannot be determined whether any of the expenditures resulted from fraud.

"I think when somebody hears it's in a fancy hotel in Hawaii or Vegas, it's too easy to assume the [welfare recipient] is visiting that place and it wasn't somebody who stole their card," said Jessica Bartholow, a legislative advocate for the Western Center on Law and Poverty.


Action night ViDeO

consider adding video content of taped Action nights on the website for those who cannot make it 


Meetings/short notice

I and several others attended the COG Fresno meeting Friday the 23rd.  I was notified late Thursday night by email but made adjustments and went.  Is there a phone call list in place for people in the same areas to call each other or use cell notifications?  I made several calls after I was notified but nobody was free.