Tea Partiers in Wisconsin

Our Mariposa coordinator, Ronika, is in Wisconsin fighting for Gov. Scott Walker with hundreds of Tea Partiers from across the country.

Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for updates from Ronika.

Even if you can't make it to Wisconsin, you can still help Gov Walker.  CLICK HERE for instructions to Phonebank for Gov Scott Walker

5/21/12 update from Ronika:  We are walking precincts, door to door and getting good response, people are upset their vote doesn't matter and the recall costs so much. overall opinion is he has more support from citizens than the media will mention, as usual, and they will tell you that.


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    Watertown,Wisconsin: attended Memorial Day Parade & Ceremony honoring our fallen heroes & veterans. We covered more territory in neighborhoods working the ‘get out the vote’ campaign followed by a BBQ hosted especially for us by the local Walker supporters who we stood with for street rally yesterday…Wisconsin hospitality is NUMBER ONE!
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    Residents of Wisconsin are angry that their vote doesn’t matter and they have to vote again, to the tune of $17 million taxpayer dollars, for the recall
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    After sweeping Brookfield in 3 days, our team is now in Watertown, Wisconsin today. We received word that the Unions are bussing voters to the polls to cast their votes early against Gov Walker, his opponent is Mayor Barrett, who has convienently opened the polls for Memorial Day weekend as well…Watch for it on Breitbart TV…Fox is continuing coverage on us as well; now I’m hearing Debbie Wasserman Schultz is on her way here to rally up the democrats..ugh! this is getting UGLY!
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