Thank you for your support of our Tax Day Fundraiser!
With your help, the Tea Party message will remain alive and strong!


But the fun's not over yet!

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  • commented 2013-04-16 21:53:37 -0700
    Way to go CVTPers! That is really impressive – think you can fill the second goal?
  • commented 2013-04-15 14:32:27 -0700
    Lets make this happen and help us make our government responsive to the people again.
  • commented 2013-04-12 20:32:00 -0700
    Hi Folks. I’m here to talk about the first Central Valley Tea Party MONEYBOMB. This is a TAX DAY fundraising frenzy and will culminate on April 16 to fool big government that in spite of increased tax’s, fees and fines now and in the future, the Central Valley Tea Party is stronger than ever. With our help, prop 30 lost and prop 32 won here in Fresno County. Steve Brandau was elected to the Fresno 2nd District City Council and Rick Farinelli was elected to the Madera County Board of Supervisor’s. These were BIG victories! But we can’t continue to win the fight right here in the Central Valley without your donation’s. We’re asking for your help to explode the MONEYBOMB and keep your money local. There are plenty of great conservative organization’s but your money end’s up elsewhere in fights that don’t necessarily help us right here. You can donate now at the website and you can watch the thermometer blow up at our $10,000 goal and maybe reach that 5 times over or even more. This is a true Grassroots effort. The Central Valley Tea Party is more sophisticated now and less RAH-RAH. We like a good protest, but know we have to be more effective and we have learned how to that. Nobody get’s paid at the Central Valley Tea Party. Your donation is NOT tax deductible. Your money will be used honestly and directly to return to our core values of Limited Constitutional Government, Fiscal Responsibility and Free Market’s. Visit our website Central Valley Tea Party . Com to donate anonymous if you want and watch the MONEYBOMB explode on April 16.