Protest all Main Stream media facilities.

I believe that after the horrible results of this election, the Tea Party must fight/protest and organize against the main stream media MSM [ABC,CBS,NBC].

As long as the far-left has nearly a strangle hold on the MSM, the conservative/constitutional agenda will not be properly disseminated to the masses of Americans.

In my opinion, American's today are extremely swayed by visual advertising ie TV. The negative ads of the Democrat party has proven that.

Mr. Romney ran a respectable and hard campaign, yet had immense negative pressures continuesly forced upon him by extremely biased MSM personnel along with the usual democrat party shills.

Since conservatives views are not presented objectively on TV, we must massively protest at all their nationwide facilities (offices), demanding fair representation.

The internet has already been saturated with all the variable politics, yet local TV stations still remain perhaps the basic news outlet for the common man/woman. Not everyone can afford cable news.

We must get our word out, we must demand a FREE press!

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